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And yes I've had a lot of Adderall
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 #sdcc  #sdcc 2014

Today I got to see the Teen Wolf panel. They’re so beautiful in person, I totally sobbed. Also got to see Under the Dome again and ahhh Colin Ford aka baby Sam. And saw Adelaide for Reign, love her so much. And then we also saw the 24 and Community panels. Community was fucking hilarious.

We missed the Maze Runner special screening and I’m really sad, but whatever I guess. We have NERD HQ with them tomorrow. But yeah pretty sucessful day.

Also I saw Jon Snow and Ygriette. They walked right by me.

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Michael: [Randomly talking about vomit during Immersion]
Gavin: *Gavin turning away and retching horribly*
Michael: Gavin Free, everybody!
 Thursday July 24, 2014


What could possibly be so interesting? [x]
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No, Because they are nobles in revolution-era France and will be guillotined. 

you must be fun at parties

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4channers claiming their goal is to “make the tumblr tag system useless”

in their next raid, 4chan starts some fires on a volcano

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area 51 is just the american wizarding school

aliens is a perfect cover story


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